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Everyday Group LLC (“Everyday Group” ) was established in 1999 as an import-export, wholesale-retail company in the State of New York. Geared for the fast growing Asian-American market, the company imports and sells cosmetics, beauty and personal care products, health foods and drinks, and household cleaning items. In New York City, the company has four retail stores to cater to the needs of its walk-in customers. Everyday Group is headed by its President and Chief Executive Officer Ms. Lisa XiuQing Su under whose leadership the company is experiencing exponential growth in sales and clientele.

With its corporate headquarters located in Brooklyn Navy Yard in the City of New York, the company initially served New York and the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Due to increasing demands for the products it sells, Everyday Group expanded its operations to the West Coast with the establishment of Everyday Beauty Supply in 2005 and Everyday International LLC based in metropolitan Los Angeles area in California. Everyday Group is also the exclusive distributor of several Asian beauty, skincare and hair products such as Tsubaki, Lux, Argan, Shiseido, Kerasys, etc.

Everyday Group’s success is based on its efficient service and reasonable prices. The company values customers’ loyalty and will do its best to achieve customer satisfaction. With that in mind, Everyday Group ventures into e-commerce for the convenience of its loyal and valued customers. Everyday group provides online shopping service and its efficient customer service staff is always ready to assist its customers for their needs.

Committed to excellence, Everyday Group was honored in 2009 for Asia Excellent Entrepreneur by the American Asiatic Association.


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